Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts you may not have known:

1. Draymond Green played 4 years in college at Michigan State. Green continues to excel in the NBA. Say what you like, but most people should follow Green’s example. He invested in himself as a person/player and is reaping the rewards. 

2. Steph Curry participates in the Nothing but Nets program, where he donates bedside netting for every 3 point shot he makes. The nets help prevent mosquitoes from transferring deadly diseases such as malaria. Steph currently leads the NBA in 3’s, let’s go!

3. Klay Thompson is arguably the most hated and loved person in the Warrior community. Shooters gotta shoot. 

4. David West is 36 years old and still dominates. That’s fourteen seasons and over 900 games!

5. Peter Guber is the co owner of the Warriors. You mostly see the cameras focused on Joe but both of them co own the team with a record bid of 450 million dollars. 


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