Post UP!

I’ve decided I wanted to make a basketball blog. Yes, there are tons out there and most of the little guys get swamped out by the BIG companies(Bleacher Report/NBC Sports/Hoops Hype). We can not avoid this, because of you are a blogger you want to get discovered and write for these big companies. I don’t want to.

I want to focus on basketball and the lifestyle that surrounds it. You see, basketball is a multi billion dollar industry. It pays peoples’ bills, it changes peoples’ lives, and it shapes peoples’ daily schedules. I see this, but I don’t see “Multi Billion,” I see “Multi Lingual.” This is a sport that brings people of all different races/communities/beliefs together. The NBA is the biggest outlet. But the sport will grow bigger just like Soccer. It will take the same outline in tournaments/clubs/professional/world as soccer and place it on a grander scale.

This is where this blog comes in. I want a blog where ppl can comment and share experiences at other venues/stadiums/arenas. I want to create a culture that agrees to disagree. Imagine if Yelp and AirBnB had a baby. That’s what I would want this blog to lead to.

The current issue I face is that in today’s world, people don’t want to read beyond 200 characters. They don’t want to read the blog, they want to read the comments. I know, because I’m apart of the culture. My focus is gather all the self employed bloggers and create a network around basketball and the people who support it. This is why I’m making a basketball lifestyle blog.