KD Return?

Kevin Durant is set to return before the regular season ends. With comments from Coach Kerr and his progress on the court it may be as soon as April 8 vs the Pelicans. That’s 5 days away! My initial reaction of KD’s injury was that it was minor. Let’s not forget that KD has been […]

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Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts you may not have known: 1. Draymond Green played 4 years in college at Michigan State. Green continues to excel in the NBA. Say what you like, but most people should follow Green’s example. He invested in himself as a person/player and is reaping the rewards.  2. Steph Curry participates […]

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Holy Trinity 

I’ve been reading blogs about the Warriors for a long time.  These are three sites that I check daily and find useful.  1. Golden State of Mind GSOM  This is the first site I followed religiously. There were helpful articles and great artwork. Check out this website for great articles. The site can be a bit […]

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